1. Only 20 days left to be considered as a Giver on World Book Night!

    World Book Night takes place on April 23rd and is an opportunity to encourage reading in light readers or non-readers. You can sign up to be a Giver, which is 100% absolutely and completely FREE. The only thing you’re giving is your time. Only 20 more days to sign up to be considered! If you’re selected, you will receive a box of 20 books (again, no cost to you) delivered to your local library or bookstore, and your responsibility is to hand them out to light or non-readers in your community on April 23rd. This year, they’ve included some books in Spanish for Spanish readers.

    Last year, I donated mine to a local continuation high school that was operating on a very low budget. The English teacher was buying books out of her own pocket for the kids, and for most, she didn’t have enough copies to teach an entire class. She was overjoyed to receive boxes of THE BOOK THIEF and THE BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO because it meant she could teach those books. It was awesome.

    Currently, WBN takes place in the United States and the United Kingdom & Ireland. You should sign up!